RipCut Trainer Desk

Introducing the

RipCut TrainerDesk


The Trainer Desk

Designed and built by cyclists

After years of tweaking and countless prototypes, the RipCut Trainer Desk is finally here.  We've labored over all the details to make it as functional, compact and aesthetically pleasing as possible.  We know you just want to get on the trainer and put down some watts. Let our desk make that an enjoyable experience.


The Trainer Desk

Many Ways, One Desk

No matter how you roll, from rollers, to a tried and true magnetic or fluid trainer, to the newest e-trainers, the RipCut Trainer Desk will work for you. It manages your phone, tablet, laptop or a book. Integrated fans keep you cool while built in outlets and cable management keep all the cords tidy.  Built in hooks for shoes and towels round out the organization.  It assembles in minutes without a single tool, and flat-packs away at the end of the indoor season.